Chapter 1239 She Had To Clear Her Name

“Fine, you insist on not telling the truth. Don’t blame me for not being merciful.”

Shangguan Yuan glared coldly at Jiang Sese and called for Aunty Chen.

“Aunty Chen, come and tell me, did she take the necklace?”

“This…” Aunty Chen looked at Jiang Sese in clear distress. She then looked at Shangguan Qian and mumbled, “Actually, I… I also… don’t know.”

Shangguan Yuan’s face instantly turned frosty when she heard this, and she said in a low voice, “Aunty Chen!”

Aunty Chen quivered, before she blurted, “Yes, I saw Shu Yun take the Young Miss’ necklace.”

“Aunty Chen, do you know what you’re saying?” Shu Yun looked at her in disbelief.

Aunty Chen averted from her gaze and lowered her eyes. She wrung her hands in nervousness.

Shangguan Qian frowned deeply, “Aunty Chen, are you telling the truth?”

He knew Shu Yun’s true identity, so he could definitely confirm that she would not steal Yuanyuan’s necklace.

However, Aunty Chen accused her of taking it, which complicated thin
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