Chapter 1283 I Don’t Want To!

“The scandal was false.” Jiang Sese said.

“I know.”

Liang Xinwei still remembered that scandal. It was something about how Yuchen liked Shangguan Yuan, and the marriage with the Ye family was only for the other side’s influence.

However Yuchen later explained to her that he was only doing a favor for Sister Sese.

“If they get married, wouldn’t your husband be remarrying?” Liang Xinwei asked.

Jiang Sese nodded, “Yes, it will be remarrying.”

“How could Shangguan Yuan do that?” Liang Xinwei could not help but feel bad for her.

If Shangguan Yuan really married Jin Fengchen, that would hurt Sister Sese greatly.

That was the man that Sister Sese loved and waited so long for.

Jiang Sese smiled bitterly, “I want to know too.”

Liang Xinwei could not help but feel sorry for her. She reached out to hold her hand and comforted her, “I know you must be feeling terrible, but as long as they haven’t gotten married, you have a chance to snatch him back.”

She frowned, “No, we can’
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