Chapter 1287 Was It Envy? Or Jealousy

Jiang Sese struggled hard and tried to break free of their grip.

However, the men’s strength far exceeded hers and she could not even budge them.

“Mr. Bo Gelian.”

The men’s respectful greeting caused her heart to tremble as she hurriedly raised her head.

She saw Bo Gelian approach and then stop in front of her. He smiled. “Long time no see, Sophia.”

When she saw him, Jiang Sese's heart instantly sank to the bottom.

It was over.

Was he trying to kidnap her back to Italy again?

“You... Why are you here?"

“As I said, I wanted to see you now.”

Bo Gelian smiled slyly and gestured with his hand. His men immediately tried to shove Jiang Sese into the car.

“Let go of me!”

Jiang Sese screamed as she struggled.

“What are you doing?!”

Gu Nian happened to come out of his residence. His expression suddenly changed as he shouted sharply.

Jiang Sese saw her lifesaver and shouted, “Gu Nian, please help me!”

“Let her go!” Gu Nian glared at Bo Gelian. “What else can you do other than for
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