Chapter 1289 Forgive Her Selfishness

The Old Madam’s initially pale face instantly lit up when she saw them as she asked in surprise. “Why are you here?”

“I wanted to see you.” Shangguan Yan held her cold hands. Her heart softened as she asked softly, “How are you feeling, Grandmother?”

The Old Madam nodded. “I’m feeling much better. Now that you’re here, I have recovered from all illnesses.”

She patted Shangguan Yuan's hand and looked at Jin Fengchen. Her affection was beyond words. “Fengchen, come here.”

Jin Fengchen walked over as instructed. “Grandmother.”

The Old Madam took his hand, placed it on Shangguan Yuan's hand, and patted their hands. “Yuanyuan is in your hands now. Don't let me down.”

“I won’t.”

The Old Madam looked at him for a while, then said to Shangguan Yuan. “Yuanyuan, could you please buy me come congee from the cafeteria, I'm hungry.”


Shangguan Yuan asked Jin Fengchen to accompany her, but was stopped by the Old Madam. “Fengchen will stay here to keep me company.”

Shangguan Yuan und
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