Chapter 1301 Like A Shameful Mistress

“Dad, why would you say that?” Ye Xiaoyi said, as she looked bashfully at Fang Yuchen.

Jiang Sese looked behind her and saw there was a place where they could sing karaoke. Her interest was piqued and she said to Song Qingwan, “Wanwan, let’s bring the kids along to sing karaoke.”

Song Qingwan immediately agreed, “Sure.”

They brought the kids to sit at the sofas near the resting area.

Song Qingwan turned to look at the dining table before she whispered into Jiang Sese’s ear, “She’s sitting next to your cousin already.”

When Jiang Sese heard this, she turned to look and coincidentally met the dirty look Fang Yuchen gave her. She laughed before she quickly looked back.

“He deserves it.”

Song Qingwan could hear that something was off about it and she asked curiously, “Why do you sound so happy about it?”

“I have not told you something yet.”

“What is it?” Song Qinwan asked.

“Actually…” Jiang Sese hesitated for a moment, “My cousin has a girlfriend.”

“What?” Song Qing
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