Chapter 1308 Give Up

“I’ll make my own decisions on my own marriage.” Fang Yuchen looked at her blankly, not giving her any face.

“What a great statement!” Ye Xiaoyi laughed as she swiftly stood up and asked in reply, “Do you think you can decide for yourself, given our families?”

“You may not be able to, but I certainly can.” Fang Yuchen looked at Shang Ying, “Mom, I’ve actually said this many times, and you should know in your heart by now. If you like her that much, go and treat her like your own daughter, but you don’t have to make me marry her.”

“Yuchen, this matter isn’t for you to decide.” Shang Ying rose, “The marriage between our families cannot be decided just because you say you don’t want to marry her. I don’t want our families to feud because of you, and I don’t want others to say that we don’t keep our promises.”

Fang Yuchen frowned, “In your eyes, is my happiness not more important than the face of the Fang family and yourselves?”

“Xiaoyi is a good girl, you’ll be happy with her.”
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