Chapter 1309 Don’t Reject My Graciousness

Liang Xinwei laughed, “Aunty, how have I taken a mile?”

“How much money do you want? As long as you name the sum, I’ll pay up!” Shang Ying thought that Liang Xinwei wanted to raise the sum, and that was why she was unwilling to leave.

“Aunty, my feelings for Yuchen cannot be measured with money.”

Liang Xinwei took a deep breath, “I know the Fang family is rich, but what has that got to do with me? Even if Yuchen was just a normal man, I’d still be willing to be with him.”

Shang Ying was unmoved by her sincere display of her feelings. In fact, she felt that it was rather perfidious.

“Yuchen could not possibly be some ordinary man, so your point is rather laughable.”

A sense of powerlessness overcame Liang Xinwei like a tide. She smiled helplessly, “Aunty, what do I have to do so you can approve of me and Yuchen being together?”

“No matter what you do, I would not approve.” Shang Ying’s attitude was very determined. There was no room to compromise.

Since Shang Ying had b
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