Chapter 1310 The Kids And I Are Waiting For You

“We need you to obtain some of the Young Master’s blood.” Han Yu explained the reason for his call.

Jiang Sese felt joy in her heart, “You have a way to develop a drug?”

“Hypothetically, yes, but we still need the details to get to work.”

Han Yu did not dare to be too final in his words for fear of disappointing the Young Mistress if they did not succeed.

“Alright, I’ll find a way to get Fengchen’s blood.” Jiang Sese immediately agreed.

“We’ll wait for good news from you then.”

When she saw Jiang Sese hang up, Shang Ying asked, “There’s a way?”

Jiang Sese nodded, “Most likely, yes.”

Shang Ying instantly sighed in relief, “That’s great then. As long as they can develop a drug that can restore Fengchen’s memories, he can come back soon.”

Jiang Sese smiled and said nothing. Her expression turned a little solemn.

How was she going to obtain Fengchen’s blood?

Ever since Jin Fengchen went to see Jiang Sese, and since Master and Madam Jin had come to the Shangguan re
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