Chapter 1330 I Will Always Be By Your Side

After they had their chat, the father and son pair walked around outside. When they returned home, Tiantian had gone to bed.

Jiang Sese smiled and asked, “Where did you two go?”

“It’s a secret.” Xiaobao said, before he ran off into his room.

Jiang Sese laughed helplessly and looked at Jin Fengchen with arched eyebrows, “Are you not going to tell me too?”

“We were just walking outside.” Jin Fengchen answered truthfully.

“Walking?” Jiang Sese was slightly curious.

“Yeah, Xiaobao told me about the past, but…” Jin Fengchen sighed, “I still don’t remember a thing.”

Jiang Sese smiled lightly, “It’s fine, I’m in no rush, and neither are Xiaobao and Tiantian. As long as you are by our side, that’s enough.”

When she said that, she walked up to hug him around the waist and bury her head in his chest as she said softly, “Even if you never remember, it’s okay.”

As long as he was by her side, she felt safe.

Jin Fengchen hugged her tightly, his handsome face full of regret.

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