Chapter 1333 Stubborn

“I will not!”

Shangguan Yuan grew agitated. She pointed at Jiang Sese and said with a twisted face, “That b*tch! She’s a b*tch! If it were not for her, you would not have changed!”

When Jin Fengchen heard this, his expression grew darker and there was an aura of cold air around him.

Shangguan Yuan was livid, as she continued, “Jiang Sese, it’s all your fault! If it were not for you, Fengchen would have married me! You’re a sl*t!”

Without waiting for Jin Fengchen to do anything, Jiang Sese strode over, raised her hand and slapped Shangguan Yuan.


Shangguan Yuan’s face spun aside. Her hair became disheveled, which covered her expression.

Jiang Sese looked at her coldly as she did her best to control her emotions, “Shangguan Yuan, you’re really shameless! You steal someone’s husband and try to justify it?”

“You dare hit me!”

Shangguan Yuan was besides herself with anger, and she lifted her hand to retaliate.

Jin Fengchen’s hand shot out to grab Shangguan Yuan’s ha
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