Chapter 1338 This Is Enough

Liang Xinwei thought about it for a moment, before she decided to send Anan to a friend’s house.

After that, she went to the supermarket to buy some groceries before she went home to prepare dinner.

She put a lot of effort into it.

However, she still felt very sad.

This might be… the last meal she would have with him.

Before it was time to finish work, Fang Yuchen received a call from Liang Xinwei.

“Could you come over tonight?”

She asked over the other end of the line.

“Of course.” Fang Yuchen said without hesitation.

“I’ll be waiting for you then.”

After she said that, she hung up without waiting for Fang Yuchen to respond.

Had something happened to her?

Fang Yuchen put down his phone and frowned as he looked at the black screen of his phone.

As soon as he finished work, Fang Yuchen grabbed his jacket and strode outside. He nearly collided into Song Yao who was at the door.

“Mr. President, are you clocking out now?” Song Yao asked.

Fang Yuchen glanced a
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