Chapter 1340 Am I Wrong

Ye Chenyun walked over and saw Liang Xinwei who was emotionally drained. He sighed, "You know you love him, why did you push him away?"

"Why?" Liang Xin looked up with a bitter smile on the corner of her mouth, "Because, our status and backgrounds are completely different."

"Fang Yuchen doesn't seem to care about that."

"He doesn’t, but his parents do."

That one sentence explained what happened.

"Have his parents come looking for you?" Ye Chenyun asked.

Liang Xinwei did not answer.

Ye Chenyun frowned, "It's because of my sister."

It was clear to see that Fang Yuchen's parents were very pleased with Xiaoyi, and because of this, they definitely could not accept that their son was with a girl from an ordinary family background.

"I can't compare to Ms. Ye, neither in person nor in family background."

Liang Xinwei laughed at herself as she said this, “Better a moment of pain than a lifetime of suffering. I ended this relationship earlier, and it's better th
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