Chapter 1356 I Will Never Forgive Her

Madam Jin breathed a sigh of relief when Shangguan Qian said that.

She did not want Jin Fengchen to be alone with Shangguan Qian alone and was afraid of what Shangguan Qian might do to Fengchen.

Now, she felt relieved.

“My grandmother wants to see you." Shangguan Qian said outright.

Jin Fengchen narrowed his eyes and said without emotion, “I will never meet her.”

“My grandmother asks if you have forgotten your promise to her.”

Jin Fengchen fell silent.

"No matter what the promise was, it doesn't count!” Madam Jin was furious, “You took advantage of Fengchen’s memory loss and asked him to make promises. What good is that?”

“Aunty, whether it counts or not, it all came from Chairman Jin’s mouth.” Shangguan Qian looked at Jin Fengchen, “Chairman Jin, don't you agree?”

“Hah, are you trying to use this to force my son?” Madam Jin laughed.

Master Jin patted her hand and soothed, “Don't be anxious, let Fengchen take care of this himself.”

“What do you mean to let him take care of t
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