Chapter 1357 Find A Way

As soon as Shangguan Yuan heard this, she was stunned, before she laughed like a mad woman. The wildness in her eyes grew deeper.

“Never let me get away with this… Ah, did he forget who had saved him?”

Shangguan Qian took a deep breath and said curtly, “Is that called saving him, or just taking him for yourself?”

When Shangguan Yuan heard what he said, she stood up angrily and yelled with a finger in his nose, “Have you gone mad? Why are you defending him?”

“I’m not, but I’m telling you the truth.” Shangguan Qian tried to dissuade her, “Yuanyuan, he does not love you at all. Why are you lying to yourself?”

“Whether or not he loves me is not for you to determine!” Shangguan Yuan glared at him as she warned him angrily, “If you dare to defend him again, I’ll have you leave the Shangguan family and return to the orphanage.”

“Yuanyuan!” Madam Shangguan rebuked Shangguan Yuan with a frown. There was a displeased look on her face, “Even if Little Qian said something wrong, he’s s
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