Chapter 1364 Don’t Take Advantage

“It won’t end well?” Shangguan Yuan burst into laughter on the other end of the line as though she had just been told a joke.

Jin Fengyao could hear her laughter from where he was, and he was so angry that his teeth itched. “Bro, this woman is crazy!”

Shangguan Yuan stopped laughing, perhaps having heard his words. Her voice was heard once more from the speaker. “Jin Fengchen, so what if you won’t forgive me? Do you have any proof that I did it?”

Jin Fengchen gripped his phone harder, until the joints of his knuckles turned white, as though he was trying to control his emotions.

Shangguan Yuan continued to say, “If I didn’t say I was Shangguan Yuan, you would not have been able to tell who I was. You have no proof at all that I did it.”

She was right. Apart from this modulated phone call, there was no proof at all that she did it.

Jin Fengchen’s expression darkened, and he looked up at his mother who was still tied to the chair.

Madam Jin shook her head at him.

Her meani
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