Chapter 1365 Agree To Divorce

It took a long while for Jiang Sese’s emotions to slowly calm down. She took a half step back and wiped her tears. “I’m sorry. I just can’t keep it together.”

She knew that everyone would be worried because she cried like that, but she just could not control herself.

“It’s fine.” Madam Jin gently patted her on the back, “I know you’re worried about your mom, but crying won’t solve anything. Furthermore, she will return safely with us around.”

Madam Jin’s comforting words made Jiang Sese’s tears well up again despite the trouble she had gone to to control them. She pinched the space between her eyes, forcing the tears back.

She nodded. “Okay, I believe in Fengchen.”

The family returned to the house and sat in the living room, where Jin Fengyao relayed Shangguan Yuan’s demands.

“That crazy woman said that as long as Fengchen divorces Sese and returns to her side, she will let Aunty Xueman go.”

“Divorce Sese?!” Song Qingwan exclaimed in shock. She looked at Jiang Sese unwitt
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