Chapter 1405 It Is Just A Gift

“Mother, you are too biased.”

Jin Fengyao gripped his chest and pretended to be hurt.

At this time, Song Qingwan came in with a bowl of soup and smiled, “Do you really think Mother didn't cook your portion?”

The reality was that Jin Fengyao was just joking. Upon seeing his wife come in with the soup, he smiled and said, “My wife loves me the most.”

“You little brat, since you said that, you don’t get to drink the soup I brewed,” Madam Jin pretended to stare angrily at him.

Jin Fengyao smiled flatteringly, “I'm just kidding. Mother.”

Madam Jin squinted at him, “I'm joking too.”

Jin Fengyao took the bowl from Song Qingwan and downed it in two or three gulps. He rubbed his stomach contentedly, “The soup that my mother makes is delicious.”

“Little brat, it's too late to try to flatter me now,” said Madam Jin with a smile.

Song Qingwan laughed when he said this, and even the corners of Jin Fengchen's mouth curled upward slightly.


After the engagement, at Fang Teng and Shang Y
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