Chapter 1409 Like Father Like Son

Early the next morning, as usual, the driver sent Xiaobao to school.

Gu Nian received his instructions from Jin Fengchen last night and waited outside the Jin residence early in the morning. He saw the driver driving out and immediately followed.

Twenty minutes later, the car arrived at the school gate.

Gu Nian saw Xiaobao getting out of the car from the back seat.

As soon as Xiaobao appeared, several little girls immediately surrounded him.

“Jin Beichen, this is the bento I asked my chef to specially prepare for you.” A girl handed him the bento box in her hand.

The other girls also immediately handed out the things they carefully prepared, not to be outdone.

There were cakes, as well as all kinds of cookies.

Looking at the lively scene from afar, Gu Nian could not help but sigh. “Sure enough, like father, like son. He is just as popular as his father.”

“Thank you,” said Xiaobao faintly. He did not accept any of the gifts and walked straight into the school building.

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