Chapter 1411 Who Else Could It Be But For Me?

Xiaobao was severely stomped on and could not move. He raised his head and glared at Shan Wei. “Get off me. I will definitely beat you!”

Shan Wei laughed hysterically and said with a disdainful look, “Based on your skills, don't expect to beat me in this lifetime!”

“Let him go!”

Gu Nian could not help it anymore as kicked the door open and rushed in.

Xiaobao and Shan Wei were both stunned by his appearance.

Shan Wei quickly reacted. He lowered his head and stared at Xiaobao coldly. “You lied to me, you told your family.”

“I did not!” Xiaobao retorted.

He turned to look at Gu Nian. “Uncle Gu, why are you here?”

Gu Nian did not answer him, but just stared at Shan Wei and shouted sharply, “Let him go!”


Shan Wei's hysterical laughter echoed in the room. Then, his smile was gone in the next second and he snorted disdainfully. “Jin Beichen, even if someone is here to save you, he is no match for me.”

Gu Nian sneered. “Do you want to find out?”

He glanced at Xiaobao and
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