Chapter 1413 You Can Tell Me Anything

“The teacher has been sent to the police station.”

Jin Fengchen held her and whispered in her ear, “Don't worry, I will handle the matter.”

“Of course I trust you can solve the problem, but I am still very angry." When Jiang Sese thought of what Xiaobao had gone through, she felt like a wad of cotton was stuck in her heart.

It was a very unpleasant feeling.

She wanted to confront the teacher and ask him loudly why he treated a child like this.

“Don't be angry. It won't happen again in the future,” Jin Fengchen assured her.

“It definitely can't happen again.” Jiang Sese calmed down and said, “In the future, we have to investigate all of Xiaobao and Tiantian’s teachers’ backgrounds.”

Jin Fengchen laughed. “I hear you.”

Jiang Sese leaned in his arms, sighed, and said, “Xiaobao is too sensible. He won't even tell us if he is in trouble and he bears it silently…”

At this point, her eyes were red again.

“Fengchen, am I too negligent with Xiaobao?”

Jin Fengchen smiled slightly. “No
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