Chapter 1428 She’s The Source Of Misfortune

Shangguan Qian grew ever more displeased the more the thought about it. He gritted his teeth, “I’m not going to just take this!”

"Yes, the Jin Group secured the project, but whether it starts smoothly remains to be seen." Crimmings looked at Shangguan Qian, "You know what to do next."

"Of course." Shangguan Qian sneered, "Since they dare to bid for 4 billion, I want to see if they actually can cough up the funds."

It was undeniable that the Jin Group had deep pockets, but it was probably still difficult to come up with 4 billion in cash.

At this moment, the assistant hurried in.

"Mr. President, we’ve concluded our investigations. This project was secured through the joint efforts of the Jin Group along with the Fang, Yun, Ji and Jing families."

After listening to the assistant's report, Shangguan Qian clicked his tongue, "I was wondering where he had the confidence to put up such a high bid. It turns out that he had already found a few good partners to work with."

Crimmings had
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