Chapter 1432 Sedative

With Tiantian missing, the atmosphere at the Jin residence was extremely gloomy.

"Who took Tiantian away?" Madam Jin said while wiping her tears, "Tiantian is still so small, if something bad happens, I don't want to live anymore."

"What are you talking about?" Master Jin scolded her angrily, "How could something happen to Tiantian? The police will find her soon!"

"Yeah, Mom, don't think about it, Tiantian will be fine." Song Qingwan comforted her.

Madam Jin choked and said, "Now Sese fainted and went to the hospital. If Tiantian is not found again, I'm afraid her body will not be able to bear it."

"Mom, that won’t happen." Song Qingwan stroked her back lightly, sighed, and said, "Why can’t we just have peaceful days."

The Shangguan Yuan affair had finally calmed down after great difficulty, and something else had happened..

Upon hearing this, Madam Jin wiped away her tears and said, "When Tiantian comes back, I shall have to ask for a peace charm for each of you."

Song Qingwan
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