Chapter 1466 As Long As It Is You, I Will Want You

“Where is Wanwan?” asked Jiang Sese.

“She’s asleep." Upon mentioned Song Qingwan, Jin Fengyao's expression was filled with distress. "She would not listen to me when I asked her to go home to rest. She insisted on staying with me.”

Thinking of the fact that his wife was pregnant but still accompanied him to work overtime, Jin Fengyao felt not only distressed, but also guilty.

"When this has passed, do accompany her more," Jiang Sese saw through his thoughts and said softly.

Jin Fengyao nodded. "Yeah. Brother has already agreed, and I will take a few days off when the time comes."

“You have really worked hard these days."

If it were not for him and the others working together, she was afraid that, for even someone as powerful as Jin Fengchen, it would be difficult to solve things alone.

"You have worked hard too." Jin Fengyao smiled. "Actually, everyone has worked hard, but my brother is the most tired."

"He works really hard." Jiang Sese chuckled lightly. "However, as long as t
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