Chapter 1510 I’ll Give You Five Million

“What the hell happened?”

Lisa was clearly displeased, and her expression was very dark.

Yao Yao was so afraid her heart nearly stopped. Even her fingertips trembled, “I’m sorry Ms. Lisa, I did not keep the job you arranged for me. It’s just… you can’t blame me, it’s all Jin Fengchen! He made the kindergarten fire me, I couldn’t do anything.”

“Trash! Is this how you work?”

Lisa was furious.

She had originally thought she could look to her to achieve her ends, but who could expect that she was even more useless than she imagined!

Her face sank as she said angrily, “I paid you, and you can’t even do this little thing. What use do I have for you?”

Yao Yao was unhappy at being berated like this, and she hurriedly explained, “It really is not my fault. I didn’t do anything, and I even acted pitiful to buy some sympathy, but who would expect Jin Fengchen to be so heartless. He made the kindergarten fire me without hesitation…”

Lisa was still unhappy, “He fired you, and you really le
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