Chapter 1516 He’s The Most Dangerous Person

The next day, after Jiang Sese sent Jin Fengchen off to work, she prepared to go to the backyard to water the flowers.

Because of the fuss Yao Yao had kicked up at the office recently, Jin Fengchen told her to rest at home for a few days, and only come back once things had calmed down.

She had just picked up the watering can when her phone suddenly rang.

It was an unknown number, and she immediately declined the call.

However, the caller was persistent, and kept on calling.

Exasperated, Jiang Sese could only pick up, “Hello.”

“Sophia. Long time no see.”

Bo Gelian’s familiar voice could be heard from the speaker. Jiang Sese almost instinctively ended the call.

She held her phone tightly in her hand, panic growing on her face.

Why would Bo Gelian call her?

That was not right, why would Bo Gelian have her number?

What was he up to now?

She had just had this thought when her phone rang again.

Jiang Sese held her phone tightly, and glared at the number displayed on the screen.

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