Chapter 1517 It’s A Black Car?

As soon as Jiang Sese left the cafe, she sped off in her car.

She gripped the steering wheel tightly, a layer of ice forming on her face.

She was truly too naive for believing whatever that disgusting man said.

She felt angry when she thought about how she got fooled. She floored the pedal, and her car sped up.

There was a red light ahead, so she slowly eased up on the pedal. She then turned the wheel to move into the turning lane.

As soon as the light turned green and her car turned right, a black car opposite her ran a red light and came barreling towards her.

Jiang Sese’s heart froze. She unconsciously tried to turn away from the oncoming car.

However, it was too late.


There was a tremendous crash which shook the whole road.

Jiang Sese’s car was overturned. She felt her entire world go topsy turvy, followed by tremendous pain. Her consciousness faded into black.

The black car turned around and fled the scene.

Jin Fengchen’s right eye suddenly twitched. He put the d
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Jiang see is really stupid n too simple minded.

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