Chapter 1523 This Is Karma

The attacks directed at Yao Yao had no intention of stopping, but actually intensified.

Yao Yao was terrified when she saw the horrible things people were saying.

Furthermore, she was afraid that if the old man’s death was actually found out, she would be finished.

She definitely would not sit by and wait for her doom!

Lisa was the one who had told her to do these things, so she was not going to bear the responsibility on her own.

Therefore, she went to see Lisa.

When Lisa saw Yao Yao, her first act was to berate her mercilessly. “Trash! You can’t even do something simple like this! You dare to come and see me?!”

She had assumed that everything would go smoothly, but who knew that things would flip like this? Jiang Sese not only did not suffer a loss of reputation, she even won sympathy.

It really angered her greatly!

Lisa was on the verge of going insane at that thought. She could only release all of her anger on Yao Yao.

In her eyes, it was Yao Yao who was incompetent and
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