Chapter 1530 Do Everything Possible To Stop Him

As soon as Lisa returned to Italy, Bo Gelian got ready to start his expansion in Jin City.

Jin Fengchen got wind of the news soon after.

“Young Master, according to the information I received, Bo Gelian plans to expand his business in Jin City..."

Gu Nian reported to Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen frowned. "The longer he stays in Jin City, the more Sese will be in danger.”

“Then, what do you mean to do…?”

"Do everything possible to stop him."

Gu Nian bowed his head. "I know what to do."

After Gu Nian left, Jin Fengyao could not help but wonder, “Brother, what exactly is Bo Gelian thinking? Why is he suddenly expanding his business in the country?"

Jin Fengchen only stared at him and said lightly, "No matter what his purpose is, he must never be allowed to stay in Jin City."

"That's true." Jin Fengyao nodded. "Although it was thanks to him that the pathogen in Sese’s body could be suppressed this time, it is not enough to make up for the damage he caused to her in the past."

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