Chapter 1532 Pregnant?

Lisa's expression turned even more ugly. She walked up to Li Xi angrily and sat down.

"You just came to tell me this? Or did you come to mock me?" She stared coldly at the smiling woman who was sitting across from her.

Li Xi raised her eyebrows. "Neither. I'm here to help you."

Lisa narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean?"

Li Xi leaned back on the couch and said slowly, “Bo Gelian is staying in that country for Jiang Sese. To tell the truth, such a man is no longer worthy of your love."

Lisa squeezed her fists but made no sound.

"Think about it. He only sees Jiang Sese now; you have no place in his heart. Therefore…" Li Xi leaned in close to her. "Do you want to retaliate against him?"

"Yes!" Lisa gritted her molars with a look of resentment.

"If you can't possess such a sad man like this, then destroy him, so as not to unleash him onto others."

Lisa stared at her. "How do you propose to help me?"

Li Xi laughed. "It’s very simple. He wants to stay in that country now, so we wil
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