Chapter 1547 He’ll Be Dragged Into This Mess As Well

The next morning, Jiang Sese was up early and found that her back did not hurt as much as before. She then decided to go downstairs to make breakfast for the children.

When she had finished making breakfast, Jin Fengchen had also just led the kids downstairs.

The air was thick with the aroma of fried eggs. Tiantian took a deep breath, “It smells so good!”

As she said this, she broke free from Jin Fengchen’s hand, and ran over to the children’s seat and climbed in.

“Mommy, where’s my breakfast?” She called out to Jiang Sese who was still busying away in the kitchen.

Jiang Sese washed her hands and came out with three cut sandwiches, placing them on the dining table.

“Greedy little kitten, are you that eager to eat your breakfast?”

Tiantian pouted as she looked up at her, “I’m so hungry my stomach is shrinking.”

Jiang Sese laughed, “Okay, let me help.”

After she said that, she put a fried egg and a sandwich onto Tiantian’s plate, and poured her a glass of milk.

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