Chapter 1580 Is There Anyone Like You Who Treats Their Son This Way?

Tiantian put the shell to her ear and her eyes suddenly lit up. She looked at Xiaobao in surprise. "Brother, you’re right! I can hear the waves!"

Xiaobao said affectionately, "I'm glad you like it."

Tiantian listened carefully again. Then, blinking her big eyes, she said earnestly, "Brother, I like this shell very much, but I prefer my brother. You can't do this again."

Recalling what happened just now, Tiantian was still a little scared.

Xiaobao also knew that things were a bit too dangerous just now. If his daddy had not intervened in time, he may have died.

He nodded heavily. "Okay. I won't do this again."

"Get up then." Jiang Sese stretched out her hand and pulled Xiaobao up, patting the sand off his body, and gently said, "Let's go back and take a shower, get some clean clothes on, and have some ginger soup to prevent a cold.”

Xiaobao said, “Okay,” before he obediently headed towards the villa.

Jin Fengchen picked up Tiantian and kept up with them.

Back at the villa, Xi
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