Chapter 1582 I Call This Taking Precautions

Seeing Su Qingyin stunned, Crimmings was also a little caught off guard. He looked at his palm, and then at Su Qingyin’s swollen face.

His gaze was a little dazed. In the past, no matter what Su Qingyin said, he had never done anything to her. His slap was quite heavy handed.

However, when he thought of the scene he had seen, he became angry. He said coldly, “Are you that thirsty for men?”

Although he was usually very kind to Su Qingyin, and all she needed to do was whine and stomp her feet and he would do anything for her. However, seeing his expression now, Su Qingyin did not dare to be angry.

Su Qingyin’s eyes reddened, and she bit her lip. She looked pitifully at Crimmings, “I’m not, don’t you believe me?”

He did not speak, he just looked at her coldly.

When he didn't answer, Su Qingyin's face became dark. She said, "I really did not do anything wrong. I don't know that man. He came onto me on his own. I refused him, but I couldn’t push him away.”

"Can't push him away?
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