Chapter 1595 Compensate A Hundred Million

There was a lot of discussion about this JR product on the Internet, and there were constant criticisms.

The topic ‘JR Group's inferior chip exploded and caused one death’ occupied the top spots of major news platforms.

Li Xi’s cell phone had not stopped ringing since the news broke.

Apart from media interview requests, the others were queries from companies that originally wanted to collaborate voicing their concerns.

After a few more of these calls, she was so furious that she smashed her phone.

She originally thought that the Jin Group would not stoop to this level. Her teaming up with Shangguan Qian was to take on the Jin Group, but the Jin Group made the first move to disrupt her business.

He even talked big, making it clear that he was not the least concerned with them.

It turned out that he had something like this up his sleeve!

Li Xi originally had everything planned out, but now she was caught off guard and could not fight back at all. She gritted her teeth in anger. "
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