Chapter 1597 Truth Was About To Be Revealed

Gu Nian shook his head. "He reports his progress every day, but I don’t know why, even though he hacked the computers in the JR Group’s headquarters, he still can't find any information related to Li Xi. I think he’ll still need some more time to find out."

When Jin Fengchen heard this, he frowned. However, he did not rush them or say anything harsh. He waved his hand and dismissed Gu Nian.

Li Xi was obviously prepared. She was not so stupid. It was not going to be easy to find out anything about her.

That night, after Jin Fengchen finished work, he clocked out on time and returned home.

When he saw Tiantian playing happily with Jiang Sese, his exhaustion faded away. He became a lot warmer as he picked up Tiantian.

Tiantian smiled at him and shouted happily, "Daddy!"

Jiang Sese could not help but smile to see them like that.

At dinner, Jiang Sese obviously felt that Jin Fengchen was feeling a lot better than the past few days. It was as though he had solved some major prob
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