Chapter 1598 Burst Into View

Hearing Xiaobao ask this question, Jin Fengchen looked up at him but did not answer.

Xiao Bao's suspicion was not unreasonable.

He did find Li Xi suspicious, but as he did not have any substantial evidence, he could only stay his hand.

From the beginning, Shangguan Yuan's death was rather odd. Although he felt suspicious, she was dead, and there was no point in pursuing the point.

Now, based on Xiaobao's findings, and recalling all the signs at the beginning until now, the unclear answer in Jin Fengchen’s mind almost burst into view.

However, he would not follow his own subjective assumptions too much. He could not jump to conclusions without solid evidence.

"Daddy? Do I have to continue to check? " When Xiaobao saw that Jin Fengchen had not answered, he became unsure.

However, he still felt that Li Xi was too suspicious.

Shangguan Yuan was a bad woman, and so was Li Xi. They were both close to a man named Jiang Cheng.

She clearly...

In short, neither Shangguanyuan nor Li
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