Chapter 1602 Accompany You Until We’re Old

As soon as this news came out, the whole research institute was abuzz.

"We succeeded?"

"We succeeded! We really succeeded, that’s great!”


The persistent research and development for so long had finally yielded good results!

Han Yu could not help smiling at Mo Xie, saying, "How nice."

"Yeah, it’s great." Mo Xie smiled.

Even though at first, the research facility had carried out an estimation of the chances of success of a complete cure, there was a 95% chance. However, they did not dare to make any guarantees on the other 5%.

Now that it was confirmed that this treatment is successful, it was really a great surprise.

They had all worked without rest because of the virus in Jiang Sese’s body, to the point that they had forgotten how to eat or sleep.

However, despite numerous experiments and failures, this group of gifted researchers were still defeated.

This was the first time they have encountered such a difficult and strange virus.

It's not that there were no infe
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