Chapter 1604 Indomitable Spirit

During the dinner, Jin Fengchen got up and raised his glass. He said to the other family members, "Thank you very much for your help to me and Sese. This cup of wine is a toast to all of you."

Fang Yuchen could not help laughing, "We’re family. We haven’t even thanked you for all the help you’ve given to the Fang family. Are you being formal with us?"

"YuChen is right. Fengchen, are you treating us like guests?" Fang Teng also said.

Jin Fengchen smiled. "We should still express words of gratitude."

After that, Jin Fengyao also stood up, "Yes, it is very fortunate for my sister in law and brother to be so blessed by everyone, and for our families to be so close to each other."

Everyone laughed when they heard this.

After the family dinner, the scene was full of happiness and incomparable warmth.

At the end of the family dinner, Jin Fengchen settled Jiang Sese and his two children down, and then went back to his study. There was another important thing waiting for him to do.

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