Chapter 1618 Captured

That afternoon, Jin Fengchen’s men kept watching Jiang Cheng until they saw him come into contact with a beggar.

Jin Fengchen felt that there was something fishy and immediately sent someone to intercept the beggar. He learned of all the ins and outs of his plan from the beggar.

Therefore, Jin Fengchen arranged for his men to impersonate the beggar to carry out the task.

He then called Mo Tingfeng again. "I found Shangguan Yuan."

"What? Where?" Mo Tingfeng was a little surprised.

His men had been watching Jiang Cheng and conducted a blanket search within the Jin City area, but they did not find anyone.

However, Jin Fengchen had found something?

"Jiang Cheng met with a beggar and plans to smuggle Shangguan Yuan out of the country tonight. Shangguan Yuan is hiding in a hole under a bridge on the outskirts of the city. My men are on the way there," said Jin Fengchen unhurriedly.

"Give me the location," said Mo Tingfeng quickly.

"There is no rush. They have not made contact yet. I
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