Chapter 163 Nail the Project

Jiang Sese picked it up. "Hello, Senior Lu."

"Sese, where are you now? I know this great restaurant. Are you free tonight? Come have dinner with me."

Lu Zheng had his own plan. After all, Jin Fengchen was staying in the same hotel as Jiang Sese, and he suspected that Jin Fengchen was in love with Jiang Sese as well, which made the two of them competitors. Lu Zheng wanted to ask Jiang Sese out when he still had the chance.

"I'm sorry, Senior Lu, but I'm on my way to meet a client with Xu Na."

"Really? So, the SR Group has agreed to meet you?"


Xu Zheng smiled. "I knew you could do it. I won't keep you, then. The dinner can wait until next time."

"Sure, Senior Lu."

After the call ended, Xu Na gave Jiang Sese an envious and teasing look.

"Sister Sese, I told you so. Mr. Lu is in love with you. You have to trust me in this. See? He only saw you the day before yesterday and he's asking you out again."

"Yeah, yeah. Enough with the gossip already."

Jiang Sese smiled in resign
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