Chapter 166 I Do Have Feelings for Sese

Han Jing walked out of Su Shan's office to find a few colleagues discussing quietly among themselves.

"Have you heard? Sese nailed that American project!"

"Really? Han Jing worked on it for a month and she didn't get anywhere with it. But Sese took it just like that. She's amazing!"

"That Han Jing is so lousy. I heard she was transferred here from the HQ! Tsk, tsk."


Han Jing's face turned livid as she stood there.

Clenching her fists, she wouldn't accept defeat. Since she had been transferred from headquarters with Su Shan, she believed that she was a more prominent figure than the rest of the staff. But now... Jiang Sese had succeeded in several projects in a row. Han Jing was convinced that no one would respect her anymore if things went on like this.

"No, I can't let Jiang Sese steal all the merits," thought Han Jing.


Xu Na and Jiang Sese rested in their hotel room until that afternoon. Seeing that Jiang Sese was in good condition, Xu Na took her out on a shopping t
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i wonder when and how will sister sese know that xiao bao is her own biological son ?

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