Chapter 167 I'm Not Good Enough for You

After Jiang Sese fled the scene, Lu Zheng rose to his feet as well. He picked up Jiang Sese's handbag and cell phone. "Sorry, but Sese and I need to be somewhere."

After what had happened, they could no longer eat like normal.

Su Qingyin nodded with a smile. "Mr. Lu, I think you should go to Miss Jiang now."

After telling Xu Na that he would have someone take her back to the hotel, Lu Zheng turned to leave.

"Thank you, Mr. Lu."

Sitting on her seat, Xu Na nodded, looking dumbfounded.

After the others left, Jin Fengchen rose to his feet as well. The look on his face was rather grim.

"Fengchen, where are you going?" Su Qingyin asked. She worried that Jin Fengchen would go after Lu Zheng to stop him from going to Jiang Sese.

"My hotel room. I need some rest."

Jin Fengchen answered her coldly before marching out of the restaurant.

"What about dinner?" Su Qingyin asked as she followed him out.

She could tell that Jin Fengchen was angry. More precisely, he was jealous.

"Jiang Sese
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Rose SB
We're on chapter 200+, when are they going to get together? Is it going to take a year to complete this story?

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