Chapter 170 Thank Me for the Rest of Your Life

Lowering herself into the bathtub, Jiang Sese let herself be submerged in the water. She was a little angry with herself. "How am I ever going to forget Jin Fengchen if things go on like this?"

That man was like a drug and she was addicted. Jiang Sese was lost in various conjectures. The idea of being separated from him one day and that he might marry another woman gnawed at her. It was as if 10,000 ants were eating away at her.

She took her time to take that bath. After she left the bathroom, she saw that Jin Fengchen had taken a shower as well. He told Jiang Sese to have some ginger water to expel the cold as soon as he saw her. And a doctor had even arrived to take Jiang Sese's temperature to see if there was anything wrong with her.

Jiang Sese thought that Jin Fengchen was overreacting. She couldn't help chuckling.

"I've hardly ever seen you this nervous."

Jin Fengchen studied Jiang Sese's face. Of course he was nervous. Her health was concerned!

He never wanted to see her in
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