Chapter 223 Indiscreet Woman

The light in Su Qingyin's eyes dimmed when she heard those words. "Auntie... I agree with what you said, but there are things that are beyond my control."

Mother Jin couldn't help frowning. "What makes you say that?"

Su Qingyin looked crestfallen and put on a hesitant look, as if she wasn't sure whether she should say something or not.

Mother Jin read between the lines right away. "Is it because of that Jiang Sese again?"

Hearing that, Su Qingyin had a detectable hesitant look in her eyes.

Upon seeing this, Mother Jin said right away, "Am I right?"

Su Qingyin smiled awkwardly, and then said in a tactful tone, "It's nothing, really. Miss Jiang has always been very close with Fengchen, but something came up recently that had upset Fengchen...

"I think it was only because Jiang Sese had lived such a hard life. Her mother was gravely ill and her father wouldn't do anything. As a dutiful daughter, she had to do that thing, which was understandable, not to mention that she has won Fen
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Samantha Thompson
Between the plot twists going in circles and 2 chapter releases a day, this story is starting to lose interest.. PLEASE RELEASE FULL STORY!! Every reader has made this request of the author only to be ignored -_- Seems like they don't care about their audience, only the $$
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Rey Guihama Quidato
please where are the next chapter its driving me crazy....i keep waiting for the next chapter everyday ..can i request to the writer pls release the next 10 chapter...
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Kay-Tiana Harris
pls release the next chapters

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