Chapter 264 She Has Moved Away

After successfully resigning from her job, Jiang Sese called a taxi. When the driver loaded her luggage into the car, she looked back at the place she had lived for the past few years and felt wistful about the fact that she had to leave.

She didn't know when she would come back after leaving here this time.

She thought about Jin Fengchen, the man who had always been gentle to her.

She felt a dull pain in her chest.

"Miss, all the luggage is loaded."

Hearing the driver's voice, Jiang Sese smiled. She lowered her gaze to hide all her emotions, then she turned around and got into the car.


She knew that maybe she would never see him again.

The taxi started, and then slowly pulled out.

A black Bentley sped past the taxi, and if Jiang Sese had looked up at that moment, she would have been in time to see the man driving the car.

It was Jin Fengchen.

But she didn't look up.

And Jin Fengchen was focusing on the road ahead, so the two of them missed each other just like t
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Rose SB
Was having a child or of wedlock so embarrassing that she couldn't tell the man she loves the truth?

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