Chapter 265 South City

South City...

The taxi stopped outside an apartment building. Jiang Sese opened the door and got out, then she looked up at the red brick building.

This was the place she was going to live from now on.

"Miss, do you need a hand to take your luggage upstairs?" asked the helpful driver.

Turning around, Jiang Sese smiled. "No, thanks. I can manage it myself."

She had left in such a hurry that she only had time to bring some clothes, daily necessities, and books, which could fit into two suitcases. She could take them upstairs on her own.

After paying the driver, she thanked him again, and then dragged the two suitcases into the building.

The manager of the building led her to the apartment she was going to live in and gave her the key. "The apartment has been tidied up and it's very clean now. You can move in right away."

"Thank you."

Jiang Sese knew that Lu Zheng had arranged this beforehand and really appreciated his concern. However, she didn't know what to do to return his fa
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goodnovel comment avatar
Lizbeth Estevez
poor xiabao, he misses his mommy
goodnovel comment avatar
Patty Cuenca Centina
the FL is stupid. thinking about how to repay senior lu but never considered the ML's feelings. so we're back to square one? what a waste of time and money.

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