Chapter 267 That's Outright Kidnapping

After yelling out those words in a hysterical manner, Su Qingyin glared at Jin Fengchen with eyes filled with hatred.

Compared to her agitation, Jin Fengchen looked rather calm.

"How did you know that?" asked Jin Fengchen.

"What?" Su Qingyin frowned.

"How did you know that Sese had a child without getting married?"

"That's because..." Su Qingyin had been in a fit of anger, but began to panic a little now. She avoided eye contact, and then snorted coldly. "If she doesn't want people to know it, the best way is not to do it!"

Jin Fengchen narrowed his eyes. "No, I've had Fengyao block the news already. Where could you have heard it? Unless... you were the one behind it."

Su Qingyin looked panicked for a split second. Without giving his words much thought, she retorted in a hurry. "No. I didn't make that post."

"That post?" Jin Fengchen's black eyes twinkled. "I don't think I've mentioned anything about a 'post'."

Su Qingyin was really panicking now, but she was able to calm hers
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Ana Lila Godinez
release the whole book, already!
goodnovel comment avatar
Gracie Jane
I love this story. But Sese is frustrating me. He proved his love, and now she ran. I hope Lu helps him find her.
goodnovel comment avatar
Deb Weller
This is frustrating, you started releasing more chapters but still stop at a suspenseful point which is becoming annoyingly. I like this story but don’t know how much longer I can put up with the having to wait till the next day to then be put right back in the same situation ?

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