Chapter 274 He Got Drunk

Their private room was so large that it had its own karaoke machine.

Everyone's spirits were high. After they had dinner, they began drinking and singing. The atmosphere was lively.

Jiang Sese was feeling a little weary, but seeing how excited everyone was, she was hesitant to excuse herself and ruin the mood.

So, she quietly left the room to get some air in the corridor.

There was a window at the end of the corridor, so she made her way over.

At that moment, the door to another private room swung open, and a waitress pushed her cart out. Jiang Sese happened to be walking past the room, and the waitress, failing to notice Jiang Sese, knocked the cart into her.

Something spilled all over her.

"Why am I so unlucky?"

It was a good thing that there wasn't any hot food on the cart, only some leftover dishes with sauce and soup.

She looked at her clothes that were stained with soup without tearing up.

"I'm sorry, so sorry!"

The waitress apologized to her repeatedly. She tried to
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As smart and powerful as Jin is, he got drunk, left the hotel slept in with Sese and thinks its a dream! this author is not serious at all! Can someone remind him his audience are adults please.

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