Chapter 328 Xiaobao, Who Taught You That?

As a black Bentley came to a steady stop outside the villa, a tiny figure leaped down from the back seat and made a beeline for the villa without bothering to close the car door first.

Xiaobao asked the butler, his rosy cheeks glowing, "Mr. Butler, where's my Mommy?"

"She's upstairs."

Upon hearing his answer, the little child ran up the stairs, elated.

"Little Master, please slow down. Don't trip and fall."

The butler was startled as he watched the little figure run up the stairs. He quickly gave chase to ensure his safety.

He could not afford to have the child fall.


Xiaobao shoved the door to Jiang Sese's room open, but there was nobody inside.

"Where's Mommy?" Xiaobao turned to look at the butler.

"In the study."

The butler had yet to finish his sentence when the small boy dashed toward the study.


His voice reached her before his physical self did.

It surprised Jiang Sese, who hurriedly climbed off of Jin Fengchen's lap.

Xiaobao came running into the
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