Chapter 33 Eager to Die

At 10 a.m., in the Zhuoyue Creative Agency...

General Manager Li Sheng was waiting at the entrance with his team of high-level executives to welcome the acquisition team from the Lan Group.

The agency placed great emphasis on the acquisition this time, so the executives were all clad in suits and neckties. Dressed in their Sunday best, they stood there and looked around curiously.

Soon, four to five Audis sped in their direction.

When Li Sheng saw them, he promptly went up to welcome the team.

The car leading the entourage was the first to come to a halt. Li Sheng immediately stepped forward to open the door with the utmost deference.

The first to get out from the car was the representative of the Lan Group this time, Lan Sichen.

He was dressed in a striped suit that made him look tall and suave. His leather shoes were so polished that one could see their reflection in them. His handsome looks and gentle temperament made him look like an impressive man.

Following after him was his fian
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Ma Linda Herrera
i think you have to revise how to earn more of your bonus points. it is not enough to satisfy ones reading of a book in a day.
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Belver Williams-Niblett
What’s happening I want to continue reading. What’s the next step
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Ijeoma Eze Nwankpele
check your rewards. or explain how it works. I just received 15 coins but didn't use to read one chapter

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