Chapter 333 It's All My Fault

In the hospital ward, Mrs. Jin was in the midst of feeding Xiaobao his meal. When she saw Jiang Sese return, she said to her in a lukewarm tone, "You're back."


Jiang Sese could sense Mrs. Jin's dissatisfaction towards her and could not help but feel ill at ease. She squeezed her balled-up hands before walking over.

"Mommy." Xiaobao called out to her, his voice crisp.

Jiang Sese gently smiled. "Xiaobao, be a good boy and finish your food. Mommy will play with you after that."

"I want Mommy to feed me."

"This..." Jiang Sese looked at Mrs. Jin.

Mrs. Jin also happened to look at her at the same time.

Her gaze was a little cold, as if she were looking at a stranger.

Jiang Sese's heart sank. She slowly clenched her fists that hung at her sides.

"Granny, I want Mommy to feed me." Xiaobao looked at Mrs. Jin, the plea in his eyes apparent.

No matter how upset Mrs. Jin was with Jiang Sese, she still loved her precious grandson dearly; thus, she could only smile and say, "Alrigh
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